Aristotle Philosophy Nicomachean Ethics and Politics

1. In Nicomachean Ethics I.13 Aristotle writes, “we must… suppose that in the soul too there is something else besides reason, resisting and opposing it… Now even this seems to have a share in reason, as we said; at any rate in the continent man it obeys reason—and presumably in the temperate and brave [courageous] man it is still more obedient; for in him it speaks, on all matters, with the same voice as reason.” (1102b22 – 28). Explain the passage. Your explanation should make clear how what Aristotle says supports his account of the happy life in Book I and his claim in Book II that the virtuous life is the happy life. (Please note, I am asking you to explain a specific passage, so you must take account of the details of that passage!

2. Explain as clearly as you can Aristotle’s account of slavery as it is presented in PoliticsBook I, Chapters 4 – 5 (I iv, and I v in the PDF). Your explanation should make clear the degree to which you agree or disagree with Callard’s claim (made towards the bottom of p.2 of her article) that Aristotle simply incorporates elements of the world in which he lives into his ethical theory.

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