Answer the questions

Listen and take notes: A healthy economy should be designed thrive, not grow by Kate Raworth (2018)… Paragraph a :Respond to the following question:
Do you think we can find the dynamic balance for a regenerative and distributive economy in the 21st century (Raworth, 2018)? Explain and justify your opinion.

Paragraph b: Choose one of the two following questions to respond:
Explain the problem of the current economic system as Kate Raworth compares it to taking a flight. Do you think this analogy is a fair representation of the current system? Why or why not?

Kate Raworth compares the current system of economic growth to a growth that a doctor would find in a person’s body, what does this mean for our current system? Explain. In your opinion is this an effective analogy? Why or why not?

Include 10 words from the box below across your posts. Underline or bold the words in your posts, so they are easy to identify.
acquire comprehensive judgement bias rational evident controversy deny straightforward diminish reject founded legitimate variable exploit finite albeit reinforce vulnerable whereby