Analysis of the difficulties faced by the business due to pursuing Commercial or Regular Lease

Subject: Business law

Word length: 5 pages (including footnotes but not bibliography).

1 title page

1 blank page

preferably US jurisdiction

Paper will include no less than one primary source, two secondary sources and three tertiary sources.

Paper will adhere to MLA format.

Paper will be a research paper as opposed to an information transfer paper.  This means that the paper should bring something new or novel to publication that has not been discussed in class or is commonly and superficially found online.

If the paper uses case studies, the cases used should have occurred within the last 5 years.

If the paper is comparing and contrasting two or more jurisdictions on a given topic, the paper must choose at least one jurisdiction beyond the US, Canada, the UK or Australia.  Furthermore, if a comparison of jurisdictions is occurring only one of the above should be used.

The paper is a research paper, not a sociological or opinion piece.  The opinion of the author is at best tertiary.  Facts, figures and the law as it exists is more relevant than stated opinions without evidence.

Anecdotal or second-hand storialtes must be sourced and cited.

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