American Sitcom

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Watch these 3 episodes of these 1950 sitcoms and write a written report: 1. Mr. Ed, S4 E1 (Leo Durocher Meets Mr. Ed – you can find it on Dailymotion), 2. Bewitched (S1 E1 “I Darren, Take This Witch” – you can find it free on Dailymotion), and 3. The Flying Nun, S2 E4 (The Return of Father Lundigan- also you can find free on YouTube). The purpose of this report is to gauge the potential impact/effect that the content of the television programming has on certain aspects of American society at the time. Did the content reflect, or shape, the times? Try to paint a picture for the others. Use specific examples. How did program content portray and potentially influence the following? Note: Interpret “portray” to mean as it was actually presented in the specific episodes assigned; Interpret “potentially” to mean how you think it might have, in fact, influenced viewers perceptions. The Family Unit & Communication Interaction within the Family Gender Roles/Portrayals Ethnic Roles/Portrayals Occupational Roles/Portrayals Nature of the Plots and Problems

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