A teenager caught multiple times for violating the Moveme…

LENGGONG, April 7— A teenager caught multiple times for violating the Movement Control Order (MCO) was schooled by a police inspector after the boy’s mother complained about his stubbornness. Lenggong police station head Inspector Mohd Ropiza Hassan took it upon himself to advise the young man. A video of the conversation between Mohd Ropiza and the 15-year-old boy was recorded and has been circulating on social media platforms since yesterday. In the one minute and 37 second video, Ropiza telling-off the youngster that it was not his first time he had been caught, and ‘offered’ the boy to stay in the lock-up if he required monitoring to comply with the law. Mohd Ropiza then advised the teenager to study hard during the MCO, so he could better himself and help his family, challenging the boy to further his studies into any university. “Study hard, you’re the eldest son in your family, haven’t you thought about that? With no father. The government has asked you to stay at home to read some books. “Study hard until you succeed so that you can help out your family not by doing as you please.” He told the boy to listen to the advice, saying he wanted to see the young man in another five years and to hear that he had succeeded in furthering his studies. “Meet me at Balai Lenggong and tell me when you’ve been accepted into an IPTA, I challenge you,” Ropiza said in the video. The video was recorded in front of the teen’s house and according to the Gerik State Chief of Police, Superintendent Ismail Che Isa, no arrest was made and the inspector was just advising the boy as requested by his mother.

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