7.1 [Draft(s)] Revised Evaluation Argument Claim

I upload my Narrative Assignment below. Write an evaluative claim about a problem; this argument must be based on three reasons. For example, argue that something is harmful, unethical, failing, backfiring, etc. based on three reasons. Determine a set of criteria you will use to argue your claim. Your thesis statement will be tailored to establish that the topic is a problem.
X is (harmful/unjust/another adjective) because [insert three reasons based on your evaluation criteria: A, B, and C].
Be sure your topic is specific and debatable. For example, most people would agree that violence is harmful, but not everyone would agree that the death penalty is ethical. Claiming that violence is harmful to society is not only too broad a topic, but it is also not debatable. Thus, it would not make an effective claim. It would be much more manageable to argue that California’s (or another state’s) application of the death penalty is unjust or to argue that the appeals process for inmates on death row discriminates against (or disproportionately affects) a particular group. Because you will also need to introduce and respond to an opposing view in your essay, it’s especially important that you choose a topic about which there is at least some disagreement.
Purpose To identify a problem that links to your narrative argument topic and to learn how to create an evaluation claim that addresses a social issue. You will use ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade your audience.