5 short questions

Answer following five questions and Read Introduction to Sociology 3e
the reqirements are Please note that responses to essay questions are expected to be detailed, specific, and supported with reference to class material. These answers will be scored based on clarity, completeness, support, and detail.
Explain and give an example of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism. Briefly discuss how Chimamanda Adichie’s talk, “The Danger of A Single Story” is relevant to understanding ethnocentrism and its possible consequences.
Explain and give an example of each of the components of Robert Merton’s role theory — status (achieved and ascribed), role, role conflict, and role strain.
Explain the process of resocialization including its 2 part process. What is the goal of this process? When might this be beneficial to society?
Compare and contrast Cooley’s Looking Glass Self theory with Mead’s Generalized Other theory. How would each interpret Danielle (case study in text 5.0) or Geni — as discussed in the assigned Secret of the Wild Child documentary??
Explain Mills’ sociological imagination. What is the difference between “personal troubles” and “public issues”? Give an example of each level with reference to COVID-19.