400 words The Exodus Event

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Write a short paragraph answer for each question.M2 Q1: The Exodus EventHow does the Exodus event both reflect God’s promises to Abraham and set up the giving of the Ten Commandments?
M2 Q2: The Character of GodPick either the Covenant Code (Exodus 21-23) or the elements of Israelite religion (sacrifices, festivals, and the tabernacle). What does your chosen material say about the character of God? List the character trait(s) of God you see revealed in the text. For each trait, quote a Bible passage from your chosen material that illustrates this trait.
M2 Q3: Moses and the IsraelitesWhose behavior is stranger to you? That of Moses or that of the Israelites? Why? How might a liberationist like Gilbert Lozano from Brazil explain their behavior? How might his perspective shape your analysis?