3.3 Project: Case Study—Market Structure

Review the following resources:Article: Pharmacy Groups Express Concerns About Health Care Megamergers(new tab)
Article: OpEd: Hospital Monopolies are Making Us Poorer and Sicker(new tab)
Webpage: Monopoly Power Isn’t Why Hospital Prices Are So High(new tab)

Conduct your own research to support your writing. You should include a minimum of three scholarly resources in your work.
In a Word document (minimum 2,000 words), please address the following: Discuss how market structure impacts your chosen industry.
Explain how trends impact the market structure.
Discuss how the market structure is impacted based on the strength of the economy.
Discuss strategies for competing within in the industry.
Include your infographic from the 3.2 Discussion as an appendix for this part of the case.

Your work should follow APA 7th edition format.For APA formatting resources, please access Academic Writer website in the Course Homepage widget on the side to create your account which will give you the access during this course.