2nd version – executive summary to the CEO

Guidelines for the final executive summary

Participants will analyze individually a case study using the concepts covered in the business strategy course. Please pick a company of your choice and do a strategic analysis using all the concepts and frameworks discussed during the Business Strategy course.

Each participant should go through a careful analysis of:
• the industry
• competitors’
• internal (firm capabilities and core competences).

Ideally, you will use this exercise to formulate recommendations, including aspects of business model innovation. This assignment will allow participants to demonstrate their analytical skills as well as their ability to formulate creative and insightful recommendations.

However, the final report should be more than a check list of topics treated in isolation. Uncovering the connections between the different strategy frameworks of the module in the context of the industry will likely unlock unique insights. Thus, your final paper should not simply list your analysis but present it in a synthetic and engaging way. The report should resemble an executive summary to the CEO of the company.

Concepts covered (attached) which are required to be part of the executive summary:

1) Business model
a. Value proposition
b. Value architecture
c. Profit equation
2) Odyssey 3.14 consisting of:
a. 7 directions for value proposition.
b. 7 directions for Value architecture
3) Graph (slide 5) that I would like the writer to mimic for selected Company vs a sample selected competitor. The graph is only a sample and the attributes gauged within it (price, verity, flexibility etc.) would be different from industry to industry.
4) Ratios to be presented for the selected company vs a sample competitor preferably in a table format specifically (ROCE, ROA, ROE & ROIC)

• As far as company selection, I will leave for the writer to select a company that he is comfortable to work with. Nevertheless, the company to be analyzed has to be major company (preferably European based).
• As instructed by the lecturer, he stated not to teach him the concepts but rather the report should apply the concepts to the selected company/competitors as if The report addressed to the CEO of the company