2 questions discussion

Select one of the unit concepts to research. Find a current event in an article through Park’s library, https://library.park.edu/home that will illustrate that concept. Compose an analysis of that event or situation in the article that you selected. Provide the name of your source (online journal). Provide an overview of the issue at hand. Summarize the article. Analyze the event or situation based on a concept covered in this unit. Support your response with at least one credible reference.
Question 2: You will select one major region in the world
(i.e. East Asia, Europe, Mexico/Latin America, North Africa/Middle East, South
Asia/Southeast Asia/Australia, and Sub-Saharan Africa). My region
is South Asia/Southeast
Find a credible source of article covering a current event
in your selected region. Searching for multiple sources of the same event is
strongly encouraged. Sometimes you might get insights from opposing views on
the same event. (You must include a LINK to your chosen event article)
Summarize the content of the article(s) by briefing who,
what, when, where, and how the event occurs.
Tell us what your major take-away from the event in terms of
how the event impacts international business. Explain WHY this event is
important to you, us, and/or the rest of the world.
Name a course topic that you learned in previous weeks and
discuss this previously learned concept has broadened your understanding of the
region and event.