2 multiple choice questions and few short answer questions

Part I Multiple Choice Questions (Highlight your choice)

1.Which one of the following statements about focus group is INCORRECT? (1 point)
A. Focus group provides researchers with rich information.
B. Focus group has a trained moderator.
C. One advantage of focus group is that the results can always be generalizable to the target consumers.
D. One drawback of focus groups is that there is a potential group and moderator influence.
E. The atmosphere of focus group is relaxed.
2.Internal and external are two types of secondary research, depending on if the collected data is data sources internal or external to a company. Which one of the following databases is an internal data? (1 point)
A. Google Trends
B. Claritas PRIMZ
C. Statista
D. Google Analytics
E. IRI/Nielson Retail Scanner Data
Part II Short-Answer Questions
3. Use Google Trends to find out the search trends for four different search terms: MLB, NBA, NFL, and MLS from 2004 to present in United States. Present the related graph and write down the average interests for each search term. (2 points)
Hint: The graph you present needs to include all four search trends on the same graph.
4. Visit Claritas’ PRIZM Segmentation System site.https://claritas360.claritas.com/mybestsegments/#zipLookup
Enter a zip code you would like to explore and click “submit”.
Review the top five segments returned. These segments are the most highly concentrated PRIZM segments in the zip code.
Click on each of those segments and review the descriptions along with the data.
1)List and briefly summarize each segment. (1 point)
2)Having reviewed the returned segments, think of a new product or business concept that would meet the needs of those living within the zip code. Be sure to relate your answer to the segment data you reviewed. (3 points)