1. Investigate the micro-environment as Summaries the macro-environment

Summaries the macro-environment variable your company needs to monitor when operating the digital marketing campaign. (two or three variables for each force are sufficient)
Customers’ persona.
Competitors analysis
Digital Marketing Suppliers and/or Digital Marketing intermediaries.
You should define:
The target audience of your business.
You will create three marketing personas that represent the organization’s target audience.
Competitor analysis
Review customer use of different types of digital publisher or media sites which may influence their decision.
Explain the impact of internet on the five forces (Porter’s five forces model).
Review the digital marketing tools/platforms of 2-3 local competitors and pay attention to their tone and personality and analyze your competition’s digital marketing tools/platforms, base your analysis on what you’ve observed on your competitor’s digital marketing tools/platforms across all platforms.
Apply PESTLE strategic analysis tool in order to measure and assess the digital market.