1.4 Discussion Board Post (Dr. King)

Can someone help me with identifying the thesis and what points I should be looking for to write this?
Task: Please watch and read Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” and annotate looking for Thesis, Claims, Evidence (supports claims), and Rhetorical Strategies. This is in my opinion, one of the most effective rhetorical writings in America. Dr. King uses almost all of the rhetorical strategies on our class handout.
Post-Due 10/16 and worth 15 points
https://www.c-span.org/video/?459611-7/reading-mlks-1963-letter-birmingham-jail (Links to an external site.)
1- Please listen to the commentary (we will be using its content this week) and listen to the speech being read and follow along in the written speech.
2- While you read, please look for and annotate:
The Thesis: What is the purpose of the speech?
Claims: Please identify THREE main points the author makes to support the thesis
Evidence: Each claim will have a piece of evidence (specific example) the speaker uses to support the claim
Rhetorical Strategy: Looking at the Ethos Logos Pathos Handout decide on a strategy (there is more than one option and no one right answer) With Dr, King often times it is how he says something (use of language and tone) more than his specific evidence – consider this too
Bullet Points Only (no paragraphs necessary)
Claim 1
Strategy (remember not the appeal but the strategy – in the columns)
Claim 2
Claim 3
Due to 10/18 10points
3 – Finally, (in paragraph form) Please enter into conversation with one of the comment(s )made by the readers. (individuals reading and commenting on the speech) 50-word minimum
Expanding on a comment or claim made by one of the readers
Agreeing or disagreeing with a comment made by a reader
If you could expand on a point made by a reader what would you say and why
Anything else you want to explore